Button Mashrooms


The most popular mushroom has found its way in all cuisine. Largely composed of water and shrink noticeably during cooking. Best cooked in butter or a good oil. Fry over a moderately high heat so that as they shrink the water evaporates and they don’t stew in their own juices. For the same reason do not fry too many at once in the same pan.

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Also called the table mushroom, white mushroom, common mushroom, cultivated mushroom, and called champignon de Paris in France, it is one of the most widely cultivated mushrooms in the world.

Most grocery stores in the Western world sell this mushroom in canned and fresh preparations.

An agaric, its gills are often left on in preparations.

Button mushrooms are fairly rich in vitamins and minerals.

The mushroom contains an especially high amount of vitamin B and potassium.

Raw mushrooms are naturally cholesterol, fat, and sodium free.

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