Bamboo Shoot Fresh (250g)


The extremely tender interior ivory part of the bamboo shoot is the culinary treasure. Eaten fresh, the opaque pale yellow shoots offer a tantalizing sweet flavor with a wonderfully crisp texture. To prepare bamboo shoots, the outer shell must be removed. Boil, stew or simmer the edible fleshy inner part for about fifteen minutes or until desired tenderness is reached. A few tablespoons of rice bran or rice added to the water helps absorb any bitterness. Cool the shoots in cold water. Delicious chilled in salads, these delectable shoots are a perfect addition to cooked mixed vegetables and stir-fries. Add to soups and stews. Their super crunch and delicate flavor blends well with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Pair with chopped green peppers. Sauté or braise in sukiyaki for a unique side dish. To store, wrap in plastic; refrigerate. Use promptly for optimum quality.

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